Spindle Repair

 Spindle Repair

With more than 17 years experience  Serving the PCB Drilling and Routing Industry ,We can repair most types spindles used in PCB Industry specializing in high speed air bearing spindle, such as West wind spindles, Posalux, Excellon etc...and we can also repair the CNC spindles, Servo motor, PCB card .


Upon receipt, all spindles are ready to dis-assembly and testing

we will analysis what is the problem of the spindle

and estimate therepair price sennd to customer for confirm.

Electical Checks                                                                                                                              

Electrical checks are performed prior to dis assembly,  

these checks are Performed again after assembl


Spindles are completely disassembled.at the same time,

we assess the problem with your spindle and notify you

of any concerns to machine.

process or facilities that may cause of the failure.

and check which parts need to been replace and which parts need to refresh.



We use Ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the parts of the spindle ,

especially clean the bearings to insure the spindle is as clean as it can possibly be


Replacement Parts                                                                                                                          

If some parts can't use anymore ,we will replace the parts for you,

all the parts meet the OEM specifications


Our Skilled technicians with more than 20 years work experience

in schmoll drilling machine maintenance, insure proper assembly

Armature Balance                                                                                                                           

Balance is critical for operating accuracy precision and life of any spindle.

All armatures are dynamically balanced on our national art shenke balancing equipment 

to ensure proper operation at all speeds.

 Final Checking                                                                                                        


All spindles are put through a rigorous test protocol prior to  acceptance by our QA department.

This includes vibration, noise,   run-out, both static and dynamic,throughout the spindles operational range.

We also put the spindle through an extended reliability test phase to insure it will operate proper when received by the customer


Completion and Shipping                                                                                                              

After finish all the testing ,the QA will do final Cosmetic inspection, after this,

allthespindles are carefully packaged  in custom boxes to

insure safe delivery to our customers