Distributor in Israel

Published by admin September 27,2023

Distributor in Israel

In this world, there are many countries, in terms of size, population, are small countries.However, in terms of economy, military,

scientific research and education, is a great power in every sense.In the heart of our Asia, for example, there is such a country.

It has a population of just over eight million, about a third of Beijing's, and a land area about the size of two Tientsin.However,

this country is a extraordinary technology power.

The scale of its technology can be seen in a single figure: it accounts for more than 20% of the world's Nobel Prize winners.It has more Nobel laureates

per capita than the United States and Germany.There are about 40,000 scientists

Who is this country? You've probably guessed it, Israel



Israel was restored in 1948, and in a few short decades, its economy has grown so rapidly that its GDP per capita in 2018 reached $40,799,

surpassing that of Japan and France,and there is a big PCB manufacture called Eltek ,that is our Distributor provide products and service for Israel 

customer,products include pcb drill bits and router bits, backupboard,entry,pcb machine and machine spare parts

In order to meet the request of Europe,we change our normal packge to europe standard