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Kexin focusing on PCB Drilling and Routing solutions since 2006

Published by admin May 20,2024

Kexin Electronic Industrial Limited focusing on PCB Drilling and Routing solutions since 2006.

As one of the largest and most experienced "one-stop" solution companies in the P C B industry, we design, manufacture,

as well as integrate resources that make your P C B drilling and routing process running trouble-free.

KEXIN have a  highly qualified and professional sales and service team, that provide excellent environmental system solutions 

for our customers.

we provide 

1.PCB Driller and Router spare parts for all the popular branded name such as Pluritec( Giga) Tongtai, Hitachi , SchmollPosalux

TaliangAnderson, Excellon etc.

2.PCB consumable:Drill bits & Router bit,PCB backup board& AL entry sheet

3.Meanwhile we provide spindlerepair maintenance especialy for PCB air bearing drilling spindle


With the goal of being professional, excellent, and dependable. KEXIN will constantly maintain our high quality standards

and contribute the most value to the global electronic information industry’s development