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5G and HDI Demand

Published by admin May 20,2024

With the further development of 5G, smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices and other electronic products tend to be more intelligent,

miniaturized, high-frequency, high-speed and highly integrated, and the components to be carried on PCB are also greatly increased.

Wisdom and 5G product function of high frequency, high speed transmission and improved, the requirement to the screen is more and more big,

the resolution is higher and higher, the power consumption becomes the key point, and temporarily no new technological breakthroughs in battery part at present,

only constantly compressed space of mobile phone motherboard, boost mobile phone main board size, total amount, in constant volume reduction.



                                                                                   The evolution of smart-phones


In the case that highly integrated and PCB space cannot be increased, PCB wiring becomes more dense, conductor width and spacing are reduced,

the distance between aperture and center is reduced, and the thickness of insulation layer is reduced. However, the traditional HDI process capacity is limited,

which is difficult to meet.Therefore, the Anylayer interconnect structure + slp-like board technology (mSAP) with more stacked layers,

smaller line spacing and more multi-function modules becomes the best solution.


                                                                        The trend of high-end HDI boarding


The development of smart phone technology is led by apple. Since the iPhone 4, HDI Anylayer interconnection technology has been used,

and the iPhone 8 has been used SLP on-board technology (mSAP). The Galaxy series released by samsung in 2019 also adopts SLP on-board technology.

Beginning in 2018 domestic leading mobile huawei, OPPO, VIVO, millet flagship machine are carrying HDI Anylayer arbitrary layer interconnect technology,

huawei launched in 2019 the domestic market P30 Pro version 5G, VIVO iQOO 5G version, OPPO Reno 5G version adopts HDI Anylayer

any interconnection layer + motherboard sandwich structure, forecasts for huawei in 2020 flagship machine import SLP class technology,

global mobile phone companies will be closely to adopt in the future.


                                                       Introduction to mSAP, amSAP and SAP process