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PCB Routing Machine Maintenance-Collet Clean

Published by admin September 24,2021


Tools and components required 

2.Collet brush 
3.Paper shaft cotton swab
4. alcohol


maintenance period


Maintain at least once a day (work for 8 hours)


Cleaning and maintenance methods


1.After making sure that the spindle stops completely, cut the tool change mode to manual (MAN),

  and the drum clip starts to ON.

2.Use the collet wrech to remove the tool and remove the drum clamp counterclockwise



3. Check if the collet hole wear 

4.Use collet brush and cotton swab to clean the inside and outside diameter of collet 




5.Use cotton swab to clean shaft taper and shaft guide holes



6.Push the collet into the shaft by hand and take it out. Check whether the collet can be put in smoothly and take out



7.Paint some Special oil on the collet 



8. lock the collet into the shaft clockwise to the bottom (no turning)



9.Test catch and release Tools and finish maintenance