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20"GP PCB white Melamine Backup Board Ship to Korea

Published by admin July 22,2024

The Backup board  for PCB drilling is placed under the processing board during PCB mechanical drilling,

which is used to protect the processing board and drilling machine, penetrate the processing board and improve the drilling quality.

It is an indispensable drilling auxiliary material for PCB mechanical drilling.

As the hole diameter becomes smaller and the drill bit becomes small, the drilling speed increases and the

drill bit swinging frequency increases; at the same time, the finer the drill bit, the worse the positioning effect of

the backup board on the drill bit A high quality backup board is particularly important.


KEXIN white Melamine Backup Board have gained in popularity in recent years

The USA, Korea, Israel, Vietnam, more and more customer approve our backup board

Today a 20"GP PCB white Melamine Backup Board Ship to Korea!!

37"*49"  41"*49"  43"*49" 2.5mm