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Qingming Festival is Coming...

Published by admin August 06,2022


Qingming Festival Holiday Notice


Qingming Festival is Chinese traditional festival, our company will have two days off from 4th to 5th,Apr. During the holiday, please kindly call us directly if urgently.


As one of Chinese traditional festival, it's more meaningful for our Chinese. Because people will mourn for deceased relatives and worship the ancestors with their family. Besides, we also have other activities spending the holiday such as swing, flying kites, spring outing etc.



In addition to mourn for our deceased relatives, we also need to cherish the persons accompanying with us. Although we could not always go outside and stay at home due to the COVID2019 epidemic. But we believe that humankind could over the coronavirus and we could meet our other family and friends, and enjoy the good time. Also, to protesting ourselves and others, we need to do some precautionary measure for prevention as below:


  • Wearing mask while going outside
  • Washing hands often
  • Using elbow to cover your nose and mouth while sneezing
  • Opening windows for fresh-air
  • Not Gathering a crowd
  • keeping a distance with others