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Thanks to all front-line fighters doing battle against COVID-2019

Published by admin August 06,2022


In 2020, we met a challenging beginning this year. The corona virus outbreak, breaking our happiness of Chinese New Year. People got into a panic with the constant increase of people infected. For controlling the epidemic, our government began to take a series of effective measures. People stay at home and seldom go outside. However, some of them give up their change to stay with their family and go to struggle with the virus.


Go to the front line


Leishenshan Hospital


Cities in lockdown


In front line


Thanks to our soldiers. They are always the first group to the front line and protect us, never requiring rewards.

Thanks to our doctors and nurses. They directly face to the patients and wear the heavy protective suits every day. They are the lovely persons wearing masks, the powerful persons to do the battle with COVID-2019.

Thanks to all volunteers and workers fighting with the virus. They are from different cities and get together to help the sufferers overcoming the virus.

We should be grateful. Because of their dedication, we could go back to normal life gradually. Also, they make us believe we have the power to defeat the virus. They are our real hero and idols, that is the true human spirit we should pass on.