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We have the confidence and ability to win the fight against the

Published by admin March 07,2024

We have the confidence and ability to win the fight against the "NCP"

After the outbreak of the "NCP",China has received enthusiastic support from all over the world.

Overseas Chinese and enthusiastic foreign friends.Donate money, goods and support for China...

On this smokeless battlefield, the Chinese people united as one, have unleashed great energy,

and China's efforts to prevent and control the epidemic have won recognition and respect from the international community

In just three days, more than 2,000 builders gathered from all sides , hundreds of machinery working at the same time,

thousands of builders working day and night.Ten days!A hospital covering more than 30,000 square meters has been built from scratch.

The completion of huoshenshan hospitol once again made China famous abroad


As President xi jinping said, "relying on the institutional strength of the Chinese people to unite as one and concentrate their efforts on major tasks,

the strong material and technological foundation, and the rich practical experience, we have the confidence,

ability and confidence to win the fight against the epidemic."

Spring comes back to earth and all things come back to life.While preventing and controlling the epidemic,

KEXIN began to prepare for resume production,all customer can contact us now for your purchase plan