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The entry and backup board plays an important role in PCB processing

Published by admin September 24,2021

The Board is called an "Entry Board", which is placed on the copper  plate while PCB drilling. to protect the PCB board



As an auxiliary material for PCB drilling, the entry board has five main functions


1.  Protect the pcb plate surface (copper foil surface of copper  plate, or the conductive surface of base plate coated with copper)

to prevent pressure foot from pressing the plate surface

2.  Fixed the drill bit, reduce the bit swing amplitude and deviation when drilling, so that the bit can be accurately positioned;

Improve the accuracy of hole position and prevent the bit from breaking

3.   Prevent the occurrence of the substrate on the burr, capping; Reduce the burr

 4.  Help the drill drill  to release heat; Lower drill bit temperature

5.  cleaning the drill bit groove; Prevent greasy and dirty holes; Reduce bit wear and breakage


The Material  put under the circuit board, and direct contact with the machine surface of the plate pad while drilling

known as the back-up board.

As an auxiliary material for PCB drilling, the back up board has five main functions 

1.   Restrain buur (reduce exit burr) 

2.  It can protect the surface of the drilling machine for drilling through PCB board

3.  Help the drill drill  to release heat; Lower drill bit temperature

4.  Clean the drill bit 

5.  It plays its positioning effect and improves the drilling precision


The entry baord and back up board are important auxiliary materials necessary for mechanical drilling of PCB.

It plays an important role in PCB drilling process, whether it is to ensure product quality, process implementation,

or economic benefits.In recent years, with the development of PCB drilling technology, entry and back up board get

more and more attention, entry and back up board technology has gradually presented diversified development, differentiation,

functional.but it also faces a printed circuit board has reduced the cost of control, puts forward new requirements to

entry and back up board technology.


So KEXIN provide the most efficient and economic entry board and backup baord ,that make your pcb manufacture 

running trouble free .Due to the different drilling techniques, different machining apertures and cost control requirements

of many types of printed circuit boards, there is also a fine differentiation of entry board and backup baord.

entry board has common aliminum entry and lubricated entry board .


backup board has Melamine back up board, wood backup board, Phenolic wood backup board,XPC board