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Leading HDI manufacturers worldwide

Published by admin December 10,2021


For a long time, Japan has represented the manufacturing level of global high-end PCB (especially HDI and semiconductor sealed loading board)

and led the development direction of global PCB.But in recent years, due to its market direction and strategy, price level, the status of Japanese electronic terminals,

overseas factory layout, weakened its competitiveness, output value gradually declined.Currently, the major HDI manufacturers in Japan include

Ibiden , Meiko , Kyocera , Panasonic  (successively closed factories in Vietnam and Taiwan, sold the yamanashi plant in 2015,

and Japan's shin-asahi xinasahi electronics took over and withdrew completely), CMK, Kyoden and so on.

In 2006, the total output value of PCB manufactured in Taiwan surpassed that of Japan, ranking the first in the world.Since then,

it has been leading the global PCB industry in terms of scale.In recent years, Taiwanese enterprises have been committed to the development

and mass production of high-technology Anylayer and SLP in HDI.Currently, the major HDI manufacturers in Taiwan include Unimicron ,

Compeq , Unitech , Tripod , ZhenDing (ZDT) , Wus nanzi electronics, NanyaPCB South Asia circuit board, Kinsus , HannStar , GCE  ,

ChinPoon , TPT , BTI general technology, Boardtek, etc.

The rapid development of HDI in South Korea over the past decade is mainly due to the rapid development of the semiconductor

and consumer electronics industries in South Korea.Currently, major HDI manufacturers in South Korea include SEMCO, Daeduck,

KCC (owned by YoungPoong), LGInnotek, DAP, Simmtech, isu-petasys, etc.In recent years, due to cost pressures,

HDI PCB of South Korea has converted some of its HDI production capacity into stiff-flexible composite plates with

added value and higher technical difficulties

Other countries, regions, larger scale, more advanced technology HDI manufacturers should be the United States TTM technology and Austria AT&S otters