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PCB Drilling Process Failure and Solution (2)

Published by admin September 24,2021

    PCB Drilling Process Failure and Solution (2)

Drilling is an important process in PCB process. It looks simple, but actually it is very critical process.

and many reasons can cause the  defective drilling, machine,human,drill bit, backup board,entry etc....

Today,we will Analysis the factors cause the burr





burr         Parameter seeting error  Seeting the correct parameters according to drill bit 
burr The drill bit is badly worn control the drilling bit grinding times ,normally drill bits don't grinding
burr density of the backup board problemtest Test the density of the backup board.use high density backup board

There are sundries between the board

When nailing board, clean the debris between the board
burr The base plate bending The plate should be pressed
burr Without entry

The entry is for protection and guide drilling. Therefore, when drilling, aluminum entry must be added

burr  Special plate material  When setting the parameters of drilling special plate, the parameters should be selected according to the quality, and the feed should not be too fast


From this form ,we know you should chose the suitable drill bit, backup board, Al entry and use the right way to make sure

your drilling preocess running smoothly .