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Notice 2020 CPCA Exhibition will be further postponed to Aug 25-27

Published by admin July 16,2021


Dear Exhibitors:

According to the “Notice on further strengthening the prevention and control of new coronavirus pandemic in key places, unites and groups” of government, all types of exhibitions and conventions are still not open for now. To protect the health of exhibitors and visitors and for the demands of pandemic control, by communicating with National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), 2020 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition,which was postponed to June 22-24 2020,  will be further postponed to Aug 25-27 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) . The booked halls and booths are not changed. If at said time the exhibition is till not allowed to open, 2020 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai)Exhibition will be cancelled.


Thanks for your understanding and we are regret for the inconvenience and will keep close contact with you! During the period of postponement, we are planning series of online promotion and advertisement events to drive the industry exchange and trading. We believe that China electronic circuits industry will embrace new opportunities with the implementation of 5G and New Infrastructure Investment. We will discover more excitements on the 2020 International Electronic Circuits (Shanghai) Exhibition.


Thank you for your consistent participation and support and we are looking forward to meeting you again! 


China Printed Circuit Association

Hongkong Printed Circuit Association

Shanghai YingZhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

May 8, 2020