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What is the life test standard of PCB drill bit and router bit ?

Published by admin September 24,2021


drill bit and router bit for pcb


Many people ask :

What is the life test standard of PCB drill bit and router bit ?

What are the differences in the influence of the number and processing conditions of different plates or laminates on their service life?


We answer :

There is no absolute standard for the service life of router and drill bit, but only a relative standard, because different materials, different product requirements, different grinding times allowed, different use of drilling machine or routing machine, etc., all will make the difference in the service life of cutter become very large.


Generally, the number of stack plates and holes is related to the required accuracy and hole diameter. But the life of bit is generally defined by the total number of times of drilling and grinding. Some specific products require high quality. At this time, the manufacturer may divide the first life of new tool (from new tool to first grinding) into two parts for better quality.


For example, if a drill bit can be replaced every 2000 times, and each drill bit can be grinded four times, the total processing life of each drill bit can be 10000 times (under the condition of continuous bit) if the new drill bit can be processed every 2000 times.


As for the router bit, it will not be reground generally, and the service life calculation is mainly based on the traveling length of cutting circuit board. For example: each router bit can use 20 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters, etc., which is related to material hardness, metal adhesion and other factors